Pallet Wrappers

SW2 Turntable Pre-stretch

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The SW2 is a rigid stretch wrapper for low to medium stretch film applications. It can reach up to 300% pre-stretch ratio when equipped with power pre-stretch carriage, optimizing the film usage and securing the load in the best way. Its advanced control panel allows for selecting and programming numerous wrapping patterns.


WS-47 Automatic Turntable


The WS 47 Fully Automatic Rotating Turntable Pallet Stretch Wrapping machines designed for medium to high production rate of pallets that are reasonably stable. WS47 turntable machines configuration permits multiple possible layout schemes with the possibility also of 90 pallet in-feed/out-feed mode.


RA-A Rotating Arm

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The rotating arm RA - A machine is a Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine with Rotary Arm suitable in case the pallets to be wrapped are very heavy. Independent top & bottom layers and adjustable timers
Manual and automatic working cycle with 2 wrapping programmes
- Carriage only up
- Carriage Up + Down Pallet



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