Ice System Australia's Bagging Station has earned a reputation as the most reliable and versatile bagger on the market. Incorporating high tech electrical controls and simplistic mechanical design, resulting in reliable, low maintenance operation.

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ISA Auto Bagging Station

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ISA Auto Bagging Station Features Include:

  • Fills, closes and delivers 3.5, 5, 7 and 10 kg bags automatically and fills 20 kg bags semi-automatically, and can be used to fill portable block makers.
  • Variable speed control, up to 43 bags per minute
  • Push button instant bag size set up. Change between 3.5, 5, 7,10 & 20 kg bags in an instant. Reduce downtime, as bag fill chamber and conveyor are adjusted automatically.
  • Uses the proven Hamer 125 Bag Closer to seal bags
  • Vertical 2 chamber rotary filling head as opposed to horizontal 3 chamber, eliminates any ice bridging.
  • Continuous wicket feed , with direct loading (no hooks), allows easy loading and removal.
  • Operator interface screen allows the operator to preset the amount of bags to be filled.
  • Machine will stop automatically.
  • Allows bag size selection
  • Records total of bags filled, and tons of ice used, to assist in administration records
  • Screen displays fault, and an alarm is activated when fault appears eg. No ice, no bags and jammed bag.
  • Radio remote control allows operator to stop and start  machine as required, from a distance,    eg. In the back of a truck, end of a conveyor etc.
  • 1 YEAR warranty on Bagger (excluding Hamer Closer)
  • All Stainless Steel construction, including electrical cabinet, and conveyor rollers.
There are many more features, too numerous to mention, that sets our machines apart from others.

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ISA Bagging Station
during operation
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