Pallet Packing

Pallet Packing Station

Pallet Packing Station automatically dispenses a pallet and delivering it via powered rollers and hoist to the operator for packing. Once packed, the pallet lowers onto powered rollers where it is automatically transferred to an automatic wrapper. When wrapped it is then dispensed again via powered rollers to a forklift pick up area.

The Palletising Robot can be retro-fitted to the Standard Pallet Packing Station which allows your Ice Plant to grow as your company and customer base grows.


Travelling Bag Box

The Travelling Bag Box is designed to allow uniform, straight and level packing pallets of bagged ice. When the box is filled to a certain level the box will rise to except another layer of bags. The operator will continue to pack until the required amount of bags on the pallet is reached. At this point the operator will turn the "raise" switch and the box will rise clear of the pallet, allowing it to be removed or wrapped in position. Once the pallet is removed the operator will lower the box to just above pallet height before placing an empty pallet and cardboard in.


Rotary Table

The Rotary Table is designed to catch bags of ice or other product coming off a conveyor. It allows some accumulation of bags during high bagging rates / operator interruption and catch up later. Runs at variable speeds in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.



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